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What's on at the library

New Coasters @ the Library

Are you new to the district?

Welcome! Radha will help you settle in...

Meet with Radha at the Library on the first Tuesday of each month 10.30-1.30 or contact 027 280 6995

New Coasters loves the library! So much so, they are going to use it as a base!

Radha Nambiar, the activities coordinator and one-woman welcoming committee, will be there every month for those new to the district to pop in and see her, no appointment needed. Whether you’re from Timaru or Timbuktu - Radha can help you find clubs, groups and locals to suit your interests and connect with.

Are you also from another country? Find out about the new West Coast Multicultural Council - this is a voice for people finding their way in a new country.

Radha is also running a couple of fun groups to meet with others, exploring the local cafes and eateries. Do come in and say hello - it’s the easiest way to meet people and get a bit of local support. Check out - New Coasters Inc - on Facebook and send a friend request to Radha NewCoasters.