Handy Tips for Using the Internet

The Internet is a great resource for homework assignments but there are important guidelines to remember when using the Internet for research purposes.

It is important to remember that anyone can create a website and put anything on it, whether it is true or not. Look closely at URLs (website addresses). Websites with the words '.edu' (educational) and '.ac' (academic) and ‘nz’ (New Zealand) in their website addresses can usually be trusted.

Double check your information at another source e.g. book or online encyclopedia. This is called 'cross-referencing' and your teachers at school will probably require you to do this for assignments anyway but it is a good way of making sure the information you are using is correct.

Be Internet savvy. Don't give out your email address or other personal information online unless you are sure you can trust somebody. If you are unsure ask a friend or adult for advice.

Check out Net Safe for more advice.