Conditions of Membership

Membership is free to all West Coast (Westland, Buller and Grey District) and Selwyn District residents.

It is your responsibility to comply with these conditions of membership:

  • You are responsible for your library card and all items borrowed on your card.
  • Guarantors are responsible for the supervision of children/young people they have authorized to use the library, their library cards, all items borrowed, and the content of materials chosen and/or viewed.
  • Return borrowed items in good condition.
  • Pay replacement costs for lost or damaged items. Please do not attempt to mend items yourself.
  • Pay all library rentals, overdue fines, and other charges and fees incurred.


Please remember to:

  • Bring your library card each visit, if lost, a replacement card costs $5.00
  • Contact us if your card is lost or stolen. You are responsible for items borrowed before the loss is reported.
  • Contact Us with any change of address, telephone number or email address


Please note that:

You are unable to borrow items if you have more than $5.00 owing
Your contact details are checked every two years when your library privilege is renewed.