Art at the Library

Westland Arts and the Westland District Library are collaborating to make a free exhibition space available.

Art at the Library is a small, nimble and flexible project that aims to provide exhibition space for interesting and innovative proposals. There are a lot of people doing a lot of unseen & interesting creative things in this area - it will be great to showcase some of them.

If you are interested in exhibiting or finding out more, please ask for information at the library desk, download the application form below or contact WAI.

Current exhibition:

Pete Keane – A Double Lockdown Anxiety With Ice

Pete Keane is a self-taught artist who furthered his skills and ideas by completing an Advanced Diploma with The Learning Connexion, extramurally. He uses a wide range of materials and methods that encompass many genres. Pete has a studio and gallery in Ruatapu, near Hokitika.

This work represents those moments he broke through the strangeness of Lockdown, dragging himself away from Netflix long enough to express some thoughts. Two themes arose during this period… lockdown was affecting many of us and, on a personal level, because of the confines of lockdown he allowed himself to travel in his mind. He is fascinated by the frozen continent of Antarctica and he ‘escaped’ there during this period.

The method Pete uses to make his work involves using found objects like old debit cards and cake decorating tools and sometimes his fingers, to portray objects and scenes. He is confident that his style and method is unique. It was developed because a shoulder injury prevented him using traditional methods of applying paint to surfaces. Each painting has a window of only 15 minutes before the paint dries on the Yupo polymer so the work is quite spontaneous and rapid.

Pete Keane’s work hangs in private collections around the world. A former policeman and journalist he has been painting for 10 years.

All works are for sale, contact the artist on

Meet the Artist:

Friday 9th October at 10.30am, Peter will be talking about exploring new ways of painting and how lockdown gave him the time to change his methods and processes.


Westland Arts Incorporated is a voluntary group of artists, creatives and supporters.  We like to make creative things happen in our community.

Our aims are:

  • To develop, promote and coordinate arts activities and participation in the arts in Westland in order to encourage enjoyment of the arts in Westland District
  • To develop and coordinate opportunities for arts education in Westland District in order to foster arts appreciation and excellence
  • To develop, support and strengthen the arts sector in Westland District as a viable economic activity

If you are interested in joining us or finding out more, get in touch! Email Janet Gawn/Kate Buckley at