What if the book I want isn't on your catalogue?

We have access to other library collections throughout New Zealand. Therefore, we can request an Inter-Library Loan for you.

To request a book, it is helpful to have the following details:

  1. Your name and borrower number
  2. The title and the author of the book ( please make sure your title and author are spelt correctly)
  3. ISBN but not necessary
  4. A brief description of the content
To proceed with your request use one of three options:
  1. Click on Contact Us stating the above details
  2. Phone us on 03 755 6208 and ask to be put through to the library
  3. Come in to the library and speak with one of our friendly staff

NOTE: If you know Grey District Library has a book you want, did you realise you can join their library for free Why interloan when you can borrow it for free.

Inter-Library Loans from other New Zealand Public Libraries cost $7.00 per item. However, items which can only be sourced from an Education Provider or Legal Institution will cost you more. In this case we will only proceed with the request after having received your verbal confirmation.