Parents' Place

The following pages have been chosen for parents who are looking for information about our resources and services, as well as parenting information for their children and families.

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Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet - Practical advice for keeping kids safe on the net 

The Little Big Bookclub - An Australian website promoting reading in conjunction with major organisations around

Kiwi Families  - A great New Zealand parenting website

Australia ABC Parents - Parenting website covering various aspects of parenting, from birth to school age

Baby and You - A New Zealand parenting and pregnancy site for new families

Fatherhood - Here's one for those Dads out there!

Littlies - Practical parenting ideas for young families

Family management

How can you manage your family relationships, activities, work, household budgets and all those chores and still maintain a happy houehold? Check out some of these ideas

TKI: for Parents

A New Zealand, bilingual and educationally focused, online resource for parents. Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) recognises parents as being their children's first teachers; therefore endeavour to provide plentiful information, including links to other sites, which will encourage parents to work in partnership with the education sector of the community.


Plunket is New Zealand's biggest and largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under the age of 5 years


The SKIP website provides information and support to organisations and community groups working with parents. It offers lots of useful advice, things to try and free resources that parents can use, especially in its 'Strategies for Parents' section.

Raising Children

Welcome to the Raising Children website. Here you’ll find a wealth of information on parenting the under-threes. You’ll learn about the importance of the early years and why they really do last forever, and what you can do to get your children off to a great start. Happy browsing!




What the Library has to offer:

The Children's Collection includes:

Music CDs
Audio books and audio books from the National Library
Board Books
Picture Books
Jigsaw Puzzles
Young Adult Fiction
Junior Fiction
Reference Material
Junior Non-Fiction
Graphic Novels
Educational Games (available in the library)


 Preschool Storytime in the Library - click here



Online Resources

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    Parenting Books





    Parenting is fun, challenging and really hard work! Because kids don't come with a manual,

     we're building for you the closest we can get to the "Essential Guide to Parenting in New Zealand".

    Whatever  your parenting situation - whether  you're a biological parent, a step parent, foster parent,

    single  parent or a grandparent raising children, the library is a  key place for information on Parenting

    education, issues, resources, child behaviour, child development, styles, tips, coaching, support, books,

    magazines, advice, help.



    Great Read Aloud Books   




     Don't know what to read to your kids? Here are some great lists of books for you to choose from.
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    Red-Hot Read Alouds for under 6 year olds

    Riveting Read Alouds for 6-8 year olds

    Rollicking Read Alouds for 8-10 year olds

    Revitalizing Read Alouds for 10-12 year olds


    Care of Children in the library



    We remind parents and guardians that they are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of their children while the children are in the library.

    The library takes no responsibility for children left unattended and we may call the police if no parent or guardian can be found or contacted. The library recognizes it is reasonable to expect older children (more than 10 years) to visit on their own. However, each situation involving an unattended child of any age needs to be considered on its own merits. This policy is to protect our children as staff cannot watch every child that comes into the library.

    Please read the library policy here