Kete West Coast


This Kete website has been created to capture and preserve the memories, stories and activities of West Coast people. Groups and individuals are invited to add their stories, documents, digital images, videos and audios to this Kete. Bring your old photos or anything you would like to share into the library and we will show you how to preserve them digitally.

Help us create a vibrant and interesting site that truly captures the spirit of our place - Te Tai Poutini: the West Coast of the South Island.

To start you need to create an account. You may like to look at the about basket [kete] or around the help section.

If you need help, the staff at the public libraries in Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport will be pleased to assist. Also, for your use, these libraries have computers, scanners (to copy those old documents and photos), and access to other recording devices for projects.

The West Coast Kete is provided for you by the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK) through the National Library, the Westland, Grey and Buller Libraries, and various individuals and community organizations.

This site will develop and grow with the efforts of those on and off the West Coast who have archives, ideas and stories to share.


 Digital Slide Scanner


Do you have boxes of slides at home? Come into the Library and use the digital slide scanner for free. Ask staff for assistance