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Online help with homework, librarians answering your  questions, 1-6pm Mon-Fri

Many Answers

Here you can search for answers to populate homework questions  asked at AnyQuestions.co.nz


Put in your question and get lots of answers


 How Stuff Works is an award-winning source of reliable and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works

 Take a look at the Useful Homework Websites brochure which you can see by Clicking Here

 NCEA for students

 Studyit for NCEA students

Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA Maths, Science, and English. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students.

Online Databases





Access to a huge range of articles from magazines and newspapers. 

To access these top quality resources from home just enter your library card number and begin searching. The next time you visit the Library ask one of the library staff for an online tour of the databases, including how to do a cross database search .

Find articles in Newspapers (including NZ Newspapers)

General OneFILE 
A general research tool with huge topic coverage from contemporary art to science. Articles are available from a wide range of overseas magazines and newspapers.

Law & Business
Search for Business information

Who, What, Where and When?
Women’s issues, history, opposing viewpoints and historical biographies of notable people (some NZ)

Literature Resource Centre 
Critical essays and biographical information on over 100,000 authors, both historical and contemporary

Health & Wellness
Find info about your medication or medical condition, or you may want to find an alternative medicine

Encyclopedia Britannica
Junior, intermediate and senior edition available

Dictionary of NZ Biography
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (only contains New Zealanders who have already passed away)

Papers Past 
New Zealand newspapers from 1839 to 1920

NZ Edge
Contemporary site with New Zealand biographies including top 10 and heroes 

New Zealand Disasters
Find out about the Napier Earthquake

NZ History Online
Want to find information about NZ history?

Discover – Te Kohinga Taonga
This is an online collection of NZ art, music and science resources. Discover supports the school curriculum


Handy tips for using the Internet



The Internet is a great resource for homework assignments but there are important guidelines to remember when using the Internet for research purposes.

  1. It is important to remember that anyone can create a website and put anything on it, whether it is true or not. Look closely at URLs (website addresses). Websites with the words '.edu' (educational) and '.ac' (academic) and ‘nz’ (New Zealand) in their website addresses can usually be trusted.
  2. Double check your information at another source e.g. book or online encyclopedia. This is called 'cross referencing' and your teachers at school will probably require you to do this for assignments anyway but it is a good way of making sure the information you are using is correct.
  3. Be Internet savvy. Don't give out your email address or other personal information online unless you are sure you can trust somebody. If you are unsure ask a friend or adult for advice.

Check out these websites for more advice:

Telecom Tips on safe internet use

Net safe Tips on safe internet use