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Boy Stories
Girl Stories
Animal Stories
Authors every child should read....
What to read after Geronimo Stilton, Zac Power and Captain Underpants

Deciding what to read next? Meet your next favourite book

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Great Books Online


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International Children's Digital Library
Book Adventure
Free reading motivation programme for (U.S.K-8)
RIF Reading Planet
Find a book, listen to stories, play games, colour in, meet some authors etc
Scholastic for Kids
Kids fun online. Learn about your favourite books or play games
The Ultimate Bedtime Story Guide
Bedroom wonderlands: Read your favourite bedtime story online

Meet Dewey



How to use the Dewey Decimal System

The Dewey system organizes information into 10 broad areas, which are then broken down into smaller and smaller topics. Different topics are assigned numbers, known as dewey numbers which are then displayed on the label of each book.


For example the subject of Animals is given the number 599. To see what books the library currently has on animals, go to the Non Fiction shelves and find the books that have a 599 as part of their dewey number




200 299








General Works

Philosophy & Psychology


Social Science


Science & Maths

Medicine & Technology

Arts, Crafts & Sport


Countries & People

Encyclopedias, Guinness Book of Records, Computers

How people think and feel

What people believe and how they worship

How people live, work, travel, dress. Myths and legends

Dictionaries, grammar, other languages

Astronomy, the natural world and animals

How things work, human body, pets and cooking

Music and hobbies

Poetry, plays and jokes

History, geography and famous people


CavemanDave We also have a great poster about Caveman Dave which explains the Dewey System really well . Click Here to see it.

Book Awards

New Zealand Book Awards Trust

Here are some links to Book Award Websites:
 New Zealand Book Awards Trust 
The Guardian Children's Book Awards
The CLIP Carnegie and Kate Greenway Children's Book Awards

Read Alouds


Are you looking for some great books to read aloud? These could be books that your Mum, Dad, older brother or sister could read to you OR they could be books that you want to read to them. Click on the lists below:
Red-Hot Read Alouds for under 6 year olds
Riveting Read Alouds for 6-8 year olds
Rollicking Read Alouds for 8-10 year olds
Revitalizing Read Alouds for 10-12 year olds

Gifted Readers

Are you or is someone you know a gifted reader? Then check out this Gifted Readers Good Book Guide for some information on gifted readers, and some books that are great to read!

GATE Resources 2012', a 'one-stop' professional learning page for WHS teachers

GATE Resources for educators, students, parents ( for gifted and talented)


Storytime in the Library


Preschool Storytime  - Preschool storytime at the Westland District Library every Thursday morning from 11.00am - 11.30am

Book Club


Book Club is for 8-12 years olds
We meet on the last Thursday of every month from 3.30pm till 4.30pm
Each month we discuss books,write reviews and do something fun! A new theme each time
Please call into the library and register
Afternoon tea provided!!  


Click here to see the Book Club Poster