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givUS contains comprehensive information about funding for New Zealand community groups and volunteer organisations. It aims to collect together all sources of discretionary grants in New Zealand, including philanthropic, statutory, government and local government funding schemes.
givME contains information about awards, scholarships and grants available to New Zealand individuals for personal development, principally in academic, artistic, research and sporting fields.  It includes school, polytechnic or travel grants, sports, arts schemes, personal grants, personal development funds, academic and non-academic funding.
You will need to enter your library card number to access these databases.  Once you have created an account with givUS or givMe, both databases will be available for use remotely as well as in our libraries.
We do have temporary online membership which allows you to acess givUS and givME as well as reserve items and access the online resources which the library subscribes to. Click on contact us and provide us with your name, email address, phone number, address and a password and please state that you want temporary membership. We will email you back with your temporary card number which will only be valid for 2 months from the date of issue.
Please come into the library to sign up for full membership before the temporary card expires. To find out what's required for full membership click here



Exult is one of New Zealand's leading training providers for the community sector. We pride ourselves in providing practical workshops and resources in everyday language, and we believe people (and organisations) thrive when they are given real support without all the 'fluff and jargon'.


We facilitate a number of workshops for community groups covering topics like, sponsorship, fundraising, volunteer related topics . For those organisations who feel a little 'stuck', we also run a great session on problem solving and thinking outside the square! (It will without-a-doubt change the way your organisation runs.)


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