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                                Useful Websites 


 Other Useful Driving Resources

 - New Zealand Transport Agency - guide to driver licensing

 - The New Zealand Rode Code - online and at your library

 - Road code quiz - an online sample from AA and oportunity to buy official online practice tests

 - Driving tests - practice tests online for car, motorbike and heavy vehicle tests


  Motorcycles and Mopeds

 - Motorcycles and mopeds are popular choices with young drivers. They are usually cheaper to buy and maintain than cars

 - Mopeds must have a power output of less thatn 2kw and have a top speed of less than 50kph

 - You can ride a moped with a car licence

 - Motorcycle riders must pass a basic handling skills test and need a specialised motorcycle licence to ride on the road.

   NZTA's    How to get a motorcycle licence  factsheet explains


 Getting Your Drivers Licence


Learning to drive a car or motorcycle is one of the great things about being a teenager. These links will tell you everything

you need to know.

- Stage 1-  Learner Licence

- Stage 2 - Restricted licence

- Stage 3 - Full Licence


Each stage has a test you have to pass. There's a theory test to pass stage 1, and driving tests for stages 2 and 3